Typical profile 6


• Any age; young adult if congenital, older person (over 50) if degenerative History of injury:

• May precipitate problem Site and radiation:

• Radiates bilaterally or unilaterally into buttocks, hip, thighs and feet Type of pain:

• Dull ache, episodic depending on activity Onset:

• Onset usually midmorning after standing Aggravation:

• Prolonged standing, walking, exercise Relief:

• Sitting down, lying down Associations:

• Paraesthesia in legs

• Stiffness after exercise

• May be associated discogenic lesion

Physical examination (significant):

• Stiff waddling gait

• Increased lumbar lordosis

• Flexed knee stance

• Tender prominent spinous process of 'slipped' vertebrae

• Limited flexion

• Hamstring tightness or spasm

Diagnosis confirmation:

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