The earlier the treatment the better the outlook for the patient; the prognosis is usually good. The basic objectives of treatment are:

• prevention of spinal fusion in a poor position

• relief of pain and stiffness

• maintenance of optimum spinal mobility

The basic methods of management are:

• advice on good back care and posture

• general education and counselling

• exercise programs to improve the range of movement and maintain mobility

• referral to physiotherapist

• drug therapy, especially tolerated NSAIDs, preferably indomethacin in optimal dosage

• sulphasalazine—a useful second-line agent if the disease progresses despite NSAIDs

Dealing With Back Pain

Dealing With Back Pain

Deal With Your Pain, Lead A Wonderful Life An Live Like A 'Normal' Person. Before I really start telling you anything about me or finding out anything about you, I want you to know that I sympathize with you. Not only is it one of the most painful experiences to have backpain. Not only is it the number one excuse for employees not coming into work. But perhaps just as significantly, it is something that I suffered from for years.

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