Tobacco smoking Goals

• To prevent the onset of smoking in nonsmokers, especially children.

• To reduce the number of smokers.

• To reduce the exposure of smokers to tobaccoderived carcinogens.

• To reduce involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke.


• To reduce the prevalence of smokers to 15% or less.

• To reduce the difference in the prevalence of smokers between upper white and lower blue collar men.

• To reduce the prevalence of regular smokers in adolescents aged 15 years.

• To introduce regulations to prohibit the sale of tobacco products to minors in all states and territories.

• To introduce legislation or regulations to prohibit smoking on government controlled or regulated public transport and associated buildings in all states and territories.

• To ensure that all government buildings are smoke-free.

• To ensure that all enclosed public spaces are smoke-free.

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