Tasks to be achieved

1. Leaving home

2. Getting married

3. Learning to live together

4. Parenting the first child

5. Living with the adolescent

6. Launching children: the empty-nest phase

7. Retirement

8. Old age

Establishing personal independence. Beginning the emotional separation from parents.

Establishing an intimate relationship with spouse. Developing further the emotional separation from parents.

Dividing the various marital roles in an equitable way. Establishing a new more independent relationship with family.

Opening the family to include a new member. Dividing the parenting roles.

Increasing the flexibility of the family boundaries to allow the adolescent(s) to move in and out of the family system.

Accepting the multitude of exits from and entries into the family system.

Adjusting to the ending of parenting roles.

Adjusting to the ending of the wage-earning roles. Developing new relationships with children, grandchildren and each other.

Dealing with lessening abilities and greater dependence on others.

Dealing with losses of friends, family members and, eventually, each other.

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