Recommended target areas for health promotion in general practice include:


• weight control

• substance abuse and control o smoking o alcohol o other drugs

• exercise practices

• appropriate sleep, rest and recreation

• safe sexual practices

• promotion of self-esteem and personal growth

• stress management

Important health promotion recommendations are to encourage patients: 12

• to cease smoking

• to reduce alcohol intake to safe levels o women no more than two standard drinks per day o men no more than three standard drinks per day o three alcohol-free days per week

• to limit caffeine intake to three drinks per day

• to increase regular physical activity o 30 minutes per day for 3 days per week, sufficient to produce a sweat

• to reduce fasting plasma cholesterol to 4.8 mmol per litre

• to have a diastolic BP of less than 90 mm of mercury

• to have a body mass index of between 20 and 25

• to reduce fat, refined sugar and salt intake in all food

• to increase dietary fibre to 30 grams per day

• to build up their circle of friends who offer emotional support

• to express their feelings rather than suppress them

• to discuss their problems regularly with some other person

• to work continuously to improve their relationships with people

• not to drive a car when angry, upset or after drinking

• to practise safe sex

• to have an HIV antibody check before entering a relationship

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