Questions to assess level of depression

• What do you think is the matter with you?

• Do you think that your feelings are possibly caused by nerves, anxiety or depression?

• Can you think of any reason why you feel this way?

• Do you feel that you are coping well?

• Has anything changed in your life?

• What time of the day do you feel at your worst?

• Where would you put yourself between 0 and 100%?

• Have you felt hopeless?

• What is your appetite like?

• Are you as interested in sex as before?

• Do you feel guilty about anything?

• Do you feel that life is worthwhile?

• Has the thought of ending your life occurred to you?

• Do you cry when no one is around? (especially for children)

Depression scales

Consider the use of depression scales, for example:

• Hamilton Depression Inventory

• Beck Depression Scale

• General Health Questionnaire

Body Language

Body Language

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