Preventive advice

The following advice will help prevent diseases caused by contaminated food and water. These 'rules'

need only be followed in areas of risk such as Africa, South America, India and other parts of Asia.

• Purify all water by boiling for 10 minutes. Adding purifying tablets is not so reliable, but if the water cannot be boiled some protection is provided by adding Puratabs (chlorine) or iodine (2% tincture of iodine), which is more effective than chlorine—use 4 drops iodine to 1 litre of water and let it stand for 30 minutes.

• Do not use ice. Drink only boiled water (supplied in some hotels) or well-known bottled beverages (mineral water, 7-up, Coca-Cola, beer).

• Avoid fresh salads or raw vegetables (including watercress). Salads or uncooked vegetables are often washed in contaminated water. Bananas and fruit with skins are safe once you have peeled and thrown away the skin but care should be taken with fruit that may possibly be injected with water.

• Be wary of dairy products such as milk, cream, ice-cream and cheese.

• Avoid eating raw shellfish and cold cooked meats.

• Avoid food, including citrus fruits, from street vendors.

• Drink hot liquids wherever possible.

• Use disposable moist towels for hand washing.

The golden rule is: If you can't peel it, boil it or cook it—don't eat it.

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