Malarial prevention

Travellers should be advised that malaria may be prevented by following two simple rules:

• avoid mosquito bites; and

• take antimalarial medicines regularly

In order to avoid mosquito bites, travellers are advised to:

• keep away from rural areas after dusk

• sleep in air-conditioned or properly screened rooms

• use insecticide sprays to kill any mosquitoes in the room or use mosquito coils at night

• smear an insect repellent on exposed parts of the body; an effective repellent is diethyl-m-toluamide (Muskol, Repellem, Rid)

• use mosquito nets (tuck under mattress; check for tears)

• impregnate nets with permethrin (Ambush) or deltamethrin

• wear sufficient light-coloured clothing, long sleeves and long trousers, to protect whole body and arms and legs when in the open after sunset

• avoid using perfumes, cologne and after shave lotion (also attracts insects)

Dealing With Back Pain

Dealing With Back Pain

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