Key questions

Point to where the pain is and where it travels to. Questions to ask:

• What type of pain is it: is it constant or does it come and go?

• Have you ever had previous attacks of similar pain?

• What else do you notice when you have the pain?

• Do you know of anything that will bring on the pain? Or relieve it?

• What effect does milk, food or antacids have on the pain?

• Have you noticed any sweats or chills or burning of urine?

• Are your bowels behaving normally? Have you been constipated or had diarrhoea or blood in your motions?

• Have you noticed anything different about your urine?

• What medications do you take?

• Are you smoking heavily or taking heroin or cocaine?

• How much alcohol do you drink?

• Have you travelled recently?

• What is happening with your periods? Is it mid-cycle or are your periods overdue?

• Does anyone in your family have bouts of abdominal pain?

• What operations have you had for your abdomen?

• Have you had your appendix removed?

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Constipation Prescription

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