Key questions

• Can you carefully point out exactly where you feel the pain?

• Does the pain move from joint to joint or stay in the same joint?

• Are you aware of anything that brought on the pain?

• Does the pain disturb you at night?

• Do your joints feel very sore or stiff when you wake up in the morning?

• What effect does exercise or activity have on the pain or stiffness?

• Have you had an injury in the past to your painful joint(s)?

• Do you get pain over both your shoulders and upper arms?

• Have you noticed any change in the colour of your urine?

• Have you had sinus trouble?

• Have you had acute pain in your big toe or in other joints before?

• Do you have a history of psoriasis?

• Do you have a history of rheumatic fever?

• Do you have pain in your neck or lower back or in other joints?

• Have you had any diarrhoea?

• Have you had a discharge from your penis?

• Have you had any problems wih your eyes?

• What drugs are you taking? Are you taking fluid tablets (diuretics)?

• How much alcohol would you drink a day?

• Have you been visiting the country or exposed to ticks or have you been to a deer farm?

• Have you travelled overseas recently?

• Have you been at risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease?

• Have you been drinking untreated milk recently?

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