Interstitial cystitis

This is an uncommon but important cause of the urethral syndrome.

• The classical symptoms are frequency day and night and a dull suprapubic ache relieved briefly by bladder emptying.

• The feature is small haemorrhages on distension of the bladder.


Generalised » fever

* chilis

* sweating » rigors

* hcadache

* nausea

* vomiting

* diarrhoea indicate renal Infect ion indicate renal Infect ion

Physical examination

(ciieck the following]


• respiration

• blood pressure

Lovvef tract

* dysuria

* feebng of incomplete bladder emptying

* suprapubic discomfort hj+imatqriiJ offensive urine

loin tenderness ? maw vagina! examination rectal examination loin tenderness ? maw suprapubic tenderness vagina! examination rectal examination

Fig. 22.1 Clinical manifestations of urinary tract infection

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