Try a starting dose of chlorpromazine 25 mg tds or 25 mg IM as bolus or haloperidol 2.5 mg bd Swallowing granulated sugar with or without vinegar does not appear to be effective. Weakness and weight loss

This problem may be assisted by a high-calorie and high-protein diet. A list of high-energy drink supplements is provided in Palliative care: The nitty gritty handbook. 1


Banana Sustagen milk

• Sustagen powder

• skim milk powder

(Vitamise all together.)

2 cups one one

3 dessertspoons 1 dessertspoon

1 dessertspoon crushed

Egg flip

• vanilla syrup or essence

Vinegar For Your Health

Vinegar For Your Health

A resource for the many ways you can use Vinegar to improve your health! In today's society of miracle medicine, we often overlook things that have been around hundreds of years! Things like Vinegar!

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