Guidelines for the patient

The proper injection of insulin is very important to allow your body, which lacks natural insulin, to function as normally as possible. You should be very strict about the way you manage your insulin injections and have your technique down to a fine art. Common mistakes:

• poor mixing technique when mixing insulin

• wrong doses (because of poor eyesight)

• poor injection technique—into the skin or muscle rather than the soft, fatty layer

• not taking insulin when you feel ill

Drawing up the insulin

Make sure your technique is checked by an expert. You may be using either a single insulin or a mixed insulin. A mixed insulin is a combination of shorter and longer acting insulin and is cloudy.

Rules for mixing

• Always draw up clear insulin first.

• Do not permit any of the cloudy insulin to get into the clear insulin bottle.

• Do not push any of the clear insulin into the cloudy insulin bottle.

Golden rules

• Take your insulin every day, even if you feel ill.

• Do not change your dose unless instructed by your doctor or you are competent to do so yourself.


Injection sites should be inspected regularly because lipo-hypertrophy or lipo-atrophy can occur.

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