Good questions

In order to determine any underlying agenda or significant psychosocial problems it is very helpful to use analytical questions. Such questions and inviting statements could include:

• 'Do you have any particular concern about your health?'

• 'That really interests me—tell me more—it seems important.'

• 'Where would you put your real feelings between 0 and 100%?'

• 'What is it that's really upsetting or bothering you?'

• 'What do you really think deep down is the cause of your problem?'

• 'Are you basically satisfied with your life?'

• 'Is there anything that I haven't asked you and that you should tell me about?'

• 'Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you?'

• 'Is your relationship with any particular loved one/person causing you stress?' (This may lead to information about sensitive issues such as domestic violence or sexual problems.)

• 'Is there anything in your life that you would like changed?'

• 'I'm concerned about what you are not telling me.'

Body Language

Body Language

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