Course and prognosis

• The course is variable and difficult to predict. An early onset (< 30) is usually 'benign' while a late onset (> 50) is often 'malignant'.

• MS follows a classical history of relapses and remissions in 80-85% of patients. 9

• The rate of relapse is about once in 2 years.

• About 20% have a progressive course from the onset with a progressive spastic paraparesis (applies mainly to late-age onset).

• The average duration of MS is about 30 years from diagnosis to death. 8

• A benign course occurs in about 40% of patients with 10-20% never suffering major disability.

• The median time to needing a walking aid is 15 years. 10

• The likelihood of developing MS after a single episode of optic neuritis is about 60%.

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