• Acute heroin reaction: respiratory depression—may include fatal cardiopulmonary collapse. There is an alarming increase in opioid deaths (including methadone).

• Injection site: scarring, pigmentation, thrombosis, abscesses, ulceration (especially with barbiturates).

• Distal septic complications: septicaemia, infective endocarditis, lung abscess, osteomyelitis, ophthalmitis.

• Viral infections: hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV infection.

• Neurological complications: transverse myelitis, nerve trauma.

• Physical disability: malnutrition.

Table 18.3 A street drug dictionary

Amphetamines or uppers

• Benzedrine

• Methedrine


LSD: acid, blue cheer, strawberry fields, barrels, sunshine, pentagons, purple haze, peace pills, blue light.

Cannabis (Indian hemp)

1. Hashish (the resin): hash, resin roses, beanies, peaches dexies, speed, hearts meth, crystals, white light purple hearts, goof balls

2. Marijuana (from leaves):

Cigarettes: Smoking pot:

pot, tea, grass, hay, weed, locoweed, Mary Jane, rope, bong, jive, Acapulco gold.

reefers, sticks, muggles, joints blow a stick, blast a joint, blow, get high, get stoned



Morph, Miss Emma


H, Big H, Big Harry, GOM (God's own medicine), crap, junk, dynamite (high-grade heroin), lemonade (low-grade heroin) Injection of dissolved powder: mainlining, blast, smack Inhalation of powder: sniffing


coke, snow, lady of the streets, nose candy, toot, snort, crack

speed balls



devils, barbies, goof balls


Alienation from family, loss of employment, loss of assets, criminal activity (theft, burglary, prostitution, drug trafficking).

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Dealing With Back Pain

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