Communication skills

Most people have a furious itch to talk about themselves and are restrained only by the disinclination of others to listen. Reserve is an artificial quality that is developed in most of us as a result of innumerable rebuffs. The doctor is discreet. It is his business to listen and no details are too intimate for his ears.

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965) Summing up

Hippocrates wrote:

In the art of medicine there are three factors—the disease, the patient and the doctor... It is not easy for the ordinary people to understand why they are ill or why they get better or worse, but if it is explained by someone else, it can seem quite a simple matter—if the doctor fails to make himself understood he may miss the truth of the illness. 1

Francis Macnab, Doctor of Divinity and patient, wrote: 'The style of the doctor, the communication of the doctor and the person of the doctor at the level of primary contact and primary care can be crucial in a person's life'. 2

Much of the art of general practice lies in the ability to communicate.

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