Blood glucose monitoring at home

This can be done using visual strips or a glucose meter (glucometer). Patients should be advised about the most appropriate glucometer to obtain.


• Obtain capillary blood by pricking the finger with a lancet.

• Place a large drop of blood to cover both colour strips (avoid smearing).

• At 60 seconds blot off excess blood with tissue paper. (Time can vary from 30 to 60 seconds depending on the brand used.)

• The strip is read by comparing the colour with a colour chart or by using an electronic meter (glucometer).

How often and when?

o twice a day (at least once)

o four times a day (before meals and before bedtime) at first and for problems o may settle for 1-2 times a week (if good control)

o twice a day (fasting and 2-3 hours postprandial) o if good control—once a week or every 2 weeks


• Capillary blood glucose is approximately 7% higher than venous blood.

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