Asking questions

We often ask questions during the course of managing patients and such questions can form the basis of a research project, however simple. Typical questions might be:

• 'Is all night-time cough in children due to asthma?'

• 'Is suicide in adolescent males precipitated by sexual problems?'

• 'Is cancer precipitated by stress or unhappiness?'

• 'Is recurrent migraine caused by cervical dysfunction?'

• 'Is there any significant difference in response to various antibiotics to treat otitis media in children presenting in general practice?'

• 'Does the distribution of leaflets by the receptionist in the waiting room lead to increased immunisation rates or Pap smears?'

• 'Are my patients satisfied with the services they receive?'

• 'Does the provision of patient information leaflets for the management of hypertension (or diabetes) lead to better compliance?'

Constipation Prescription

Constipation Prescription

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