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Jupsat Pro is a revolutionary new software for Windows PCs that allows you to get all of the information on the largest planet in our solar system. You don't have to wonder about the gas giant anymore; you can learn everything you want to know about it from this software. You will be able to know more about Jupiter than anyone who is not an astronomer by trade. You will get access to a LIVE stream from Nasa from satellites that are watching Jupiter constantly. You will be able to look at the planet as often as you want from the comfort of your own home! You can also see the positions of Jupiter's four moons at any given time that you want to; you can track the great red spot across the face of the planet if you want to! Everything you want to know about the most imposing planet in our solar system is right at your fingers! Read more here...

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Jupsat Pro Astronomy Software offers lots of key features that the power users are usually interested in, wrapped up in a friendly and likable interface, at the same time benefiting from great online support & tutorials, which makes Jupsat Pro Astronomy Software an easy to use program even for the inexperienced users.

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Secrets of the Deep Sky

Brian Ventrudo, author of Secrets of the Deep Sky, reveals how to look beyond the easy sights such as Venus, Mars, the Pleiades star cluster, and the moon, and find the much deeper parts of the beautiful night sky that most people never get see. You will learn to increase the reach of your telescope to look farther into the sky, and find any object of the night sky that you want to see. You will learn the celestial coordinate system, to learn how to map any object in the sky. You can also learn to estimate distances in the night sky. You can learn to change your field of view to see wide objects like massive nebula, and simple techniques to preserve your night vision and increase the sensitivity of your eyes by 20-40x. This eBook guide shows everyone, from the beginner to the more experience stargazer the best tricks to get the most out of every night sky. Read more here...

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Some Additional General Principles

As a digression, historians and philosophers of science have many times remarked on the ubiquitous, perhaps even necessary, element of public advocacy (or even propaganda) that is necessary for a controversial view to gain acceptance. One can go further and note that one of the problems in science is that there is, and always has been, a whole lot of fudging going on theory is routinely defended by selective use, presentation, collection, and manipulation of the evidence, ignoring some facts and stressing others, redefining terms, and retrospectively and conveniently reinterpreting data. This cannot be justified formally, but it in many classic cases was necessary, in the face of imperfect data or measurement (or understanding), in order to reach a general understanding of things. Gregor Mendel's supposed cheating in his analysis of pea plants is a famous example (Weiss 2002b), and so it was with the classical Copernican revolution in astronomy that occurred despite many totally wrong...

Reading The Many Functions of Reading

The readers of books extend or concentrate a function common to us all. Reading letters on a page is only one of its many guises. The astronomer reading a map of stars that no longer exist the Japanese architect reading the land on which a house is to be built so as to guard it from

Meso American medicine

The Incas occupied the highlands along the west coast of what is now Peru. The Mayan culture occupied the Yucatan Peninsula and surrounding areas of Central America, and the Aztecs controlled the central plateaus of Central America. When Columbus, Cortez, and their compatriots arrived in the new world, the Meso-American cultures were exposed to several devastating diseases, including measles, smallpox, and chickenpox, which were more lethal than the military armaments the invaders brought. The Pre-Columbian Americans still lived in a Stone Age culture, but were highly sophisticated in their knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, and language. Among the most useful drugs discovered in the New World was the Cinchona bark (quinine), which was used to treat fevers, including malaria. Diseases were believed to be caused by supernatural, magical, and natural causes. Treatment was related to the cause (56). One of the sources of information about disease in Pre-Columbian...

Chemical Signaling and Sensation from the Outside World

Galileo is mainly known for his physics and astronomy but in other ways he was the first modern scientist, advancing from the greats like Aristotle by the use of controlled experiments, newly invented instruments and a more critical approach to relating theory to observation. In his treatise on the philosophy of knowledge, The Assayer (Galilei 1622), Galileo gave a rather perceptive explanation of taste and smell particles from the detected object wafted on air to the tongue and nose, where, after mixing with water and mucus on the tongue and nasal membranes, they were detected. The outer part of the body was assumed to be insensitive to such small

Telescopes Mastery

Telescopes Mastery

Through this ebook, you are going to learn what you will need to know all about the telescopes that can provide a fun and rewarding hobby for you and your family!

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