Penis and Male Urethra

Haemorrhage is potentially a major complication of partial or total penectomy. For partial penectomy, a Penrose tourniquet can be used to reduce blood loss from the penile skin and the subcutaneous tissue. After the incision, the deep dorsal arteries and veins are identified and ligated with 3-0 vicryl sutures then divided. Corporal bodies are dissected, and a vascular non-crushing clamp is placed horizontally across the corporal bodies and transected. The corporal bodies are approximated using a 2-0 vicryl running suture. When the clamp is released, additional bleeding points are ligated using 2-0 vicryl.73 For total penectomy, although a penrose tourniquet cannot be used, the vascular clamp is used in a similar fashion. The bleeding points are over sewn with 2-0 vicryl. Subcutaneous or skin bleeding vessels are cauterised.73

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