Laparoscopic Donor Nephrectomy

Laparoscopic techniques minimise the morbidity and reduce the disincentives to living donor nephrectomy.3 Laparoscopic procedures significantly reduce postoperative pain and hospitalisation period. They also reduce the loss of time until able to work. Operative time and cost are, however, increased. Of greater concern is a slightly higher rate of kidney loss, dysfunction, and ureteric stenosis. Renal vessels can be quite short, which may make the renal transplant procedure technically more difficult. The effects of pneumoperitoneum, which may decrease the renal blood flow, and a brief period of warm ischemia on the long-term allograft function are not yet known. Haemostasis is similar to the open surgery using the same staplers. The operative risk of bleeding is similar however it can be a challenging to deal with severe bleeding at time of dissection.

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