Haemostasis In Pancreas Transplantation

The principles discussed above, also apply to pancreas transplantation. The most important step in pancreas transplantation is the benchwork preparation of the organ. We have been regularly using the vascular stapler ETS-FLEX endoscopic linear vascular cutter (ETHICON ENDO-SURGERY, INC, USA)2 for pancreas benchwork. This has not only improved haemostasis, but has significantly shortened our procedure time. This, in turn, is translated into better graft function. The pancreas is very vascular. It also contains numerous microvessels that can bleed in the postoperative period and lead to large haematomas. These can compress the vasculature of the organ and cause graft thrombosis. This remains a significant postoperative complication in pancreas transplantation, especially in the solitary pancreas transplants.

To conclude, haemostasis in kidney and pancreas transplantations is of utmost importance as it translates into immediate graft function and uneventful postoperative recovery.

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