Floating Ball Tissue Link

This technology uses a metal probe to deliver RF energy to tissue through an intervening layer of conductive fluid (i.e. saline) infused at the point of tissue contact. The saline solution is infused by means of a ball at the end of the device, coupling RF energy to seal tissue (Fig. 4).

The presence of the fluid dissipates and more evenly distributes the heat during dissection, resulting in tissue temperatures of approximately 100° C. At this temperature the disulphide bonds of collagen molecules break down, causing tissue shrinkage and vessel haemostasis without the smoke production and tissue charring that occur at higher temperatures. Therefore, the side effects of electro surgery that can cause re-bleeding and obscured vision, are prevented. The device gives control to effectively deliver energy into liver parenchyma, enabling pre-coagulation of tissue to be resected. This

Fig. 4 Tissue Link FB3.0™ floating ball.

creates the possibility of virtually bloodless resections with the potential for less oozing.38

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