Antiphospholipid antibodies

This is an acquired condition, sometimes associated with systemic lupus erythematosus or other autoimmune diseases in its secondary form. Lupus anti-coagulant and anti-cardiolipin antibodies together form the anti-phospholipid antibody family.41 The prevalence of anti-phospholipid antibodies in patients with VTE ranges from 5 to 15%, while the prevalence in the general population is not well established.42,43 Clinically, individuals with this acquired throm-bophilic state may develop venous or arterial thrombosis and recurrent foetal loss. Placental insufficiency is thought to be the cause of the obstetric complications.42,43 It has been shown that the thrombotic risk in individuals with this abnormality is increased 9-fold, and the probability of recurrence may be higher.44

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