Targeting The Selectins

The selectins are a family of C-type lectins that play key roles in leukocyte recruitment into extravascular tissues during the inflammatory response [187-193]. Leukocytes routinely patrol the vascular endothelial cell walls scanning for sites of tissue damage or infection. When action is required, signals are sent that elicit cellular tethering, rolling, firm adhesion, and subsequent transmigration [194,195]. Selectins E-, L-, and P-mediate the initial leukocyte interaction with the endothelium and facilitate leukocyte rolling. L-selectin is found on leukocytes and recognizes glyco-protein ligands on endothelial cells; E- and P-selectin are found on endothelial cells and recognize glycoproteins on leukocytes. All three selectins weakly bind the tetra-saccharide determinant sialyl Lewis acid x (sLex), 54 (Fig. 26). Unchecked leukocyte extravasation is detrimental to the surrounding tissues and can result in inflammatory

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