Syntheses And Structural Characterization Of Amidolinked Oligomers With Stable Secondary Structure

A. Non-Carbohydrate-Based Materials

Although this chapter is focused on carbohydrate-based compounds, it is important to briefly describe the pioneering work of Gellman and Seebach directed to the syntheses of amido-linked oligomers derived from ยก- and y-amino acids that are not based on carbohydrates. These researchers and others [55] have engineered systems that adopt stable helical, sheet, and turn conformations in solution. Surprisingly, in many cases as few as four residues is sufficient to stabilize the conformation. This completely contrasts with oligomers derived from a-amino acids which typically require many more residues before conformational stability is established [56].

10-mer Bases =TCACTAGATG 13-mer bases = TCTTCCTCTCTCT Carboxy termini capped with L-lysine ho

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