NH2(DH 117 Prumycin

Compounds 115-117

Compounds 118-120

tibacterial activity. The mannosylglucosaminide is a trehalosamine with an axial hy-doxyl group at the 2-position, and the BMY-28251 compound 120 is the first example of an a,^-trehalose antibiotic obtained from Bacillus pumilis [120].

The sorbistins (compounds 121-124) are monosaccharides having an open-chain aglycon unit (1,4-diaminosorbitol) in their structures. Although they show weak antibacterial activity, they exert their antibiotic activity against many of the amino-glycoside-resistant strains. Sorbistin A1 is the most active compound in the class, showing activity 1/50 of that of kanamycin A against E. coli, but exhibiting some activity against resistant strains [121,122,123].

Trehazolin (compound 125) is a pseudodisaccharide that serves as a trehalase inhibitor from Micromonospora sp. strain SANK 62390 [124]. Salbastatin compound

Compounds 121-124

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