Using Sialyltransferases For The Synthesis Of Sialosides

Enzyme-mediated glycosylations are powerful methods for the synthesis of complex carbohydrates, including those that contain sialic acid [30,31]. In mammalian systems, Leloir pathway glycosyltransferases are responsible for the biosynthesis of most glycoconjugates [32]. Sialyltransferases are a subset of the glycosyltransferases that transfer the NeuAc component of cytidinyl-5'-monophospho-^-jV-acetylneura-minic acid (88, CMP-NeuAc) to acceptor hydroxyl groups with inversion of configuration at the anomeric center (Scheme 28) [30,31]. Transferase-mediated sialylations are not burdened by some of the pitfalls of chemical glycosylations, such as un-

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