Compounds 16-20

Compounds 16-20

lividomycin B and paromomycin [34]. 3-jV-Methylparomomycin I has been isolated from the culture filtrate of Streptoverticillium sp. A1-R2827. The antibacterial activity of this compound is a little weaker than that of paromomycin I [44]. 6"'-Deamino-6"'-hydroxyneomytin and 6""-deamino-6""-hydroxyparomomycin have been obtained from strains of Streptomyces (S. fradiae and S. rimosus, respectively). They are mixtures of C5'" epimers, suggesting a status as intermediates in the biosynthesis of the parent antibiotics [45] (compounds 23-27 ; see pg. 312).

Compounds 21 and 22
R1 R2 R3


23 Neomycin B NH2 OH CH2NH2 H

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