Fucosyltransferases III and VI

FucT III transfers fucose onto 4-OH of GlcNAc residues of Galßl ^ 3GlcNAc or NeuAca2 ^ 3Galßl ^ 3GlcNAc to form Lea or sialyl Lea, respectively (Fig. l0). FucT VI uses Galßl ^ 4GlcNAc or NeuAca2 ^ 3Galßl ^ 4GlcNAc to form Lex or sialyl Lex products (Fig. l0). Despite their close sequence homologies, they exhibit differences in their recognition of unnatural donors [l05]. FucT III transfers l-Gal, arabinose, l-Glc, 2-amino-2-deoxy-fucose, and 2-fluoro-2-deoxy-fucose (Fig. ll). FucT VI does not tolerate modifications on the 2-OH group of the fucose but will

Figure 8 Reactions catalyzed by human milk «1,3/4-FucT and FucT V.

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