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As noted in Table 10.3, significant placebo response has been found in three of the four placebo-controlled trials. Katz (1998) noted that the pronounced improvement of depressive symptoms in placebo groups in those trials suggests that interpersonal or behavioral approaches might be effective in the treatment of depression in dementia. Teri, Logsdon, Uomoto, and McCurry (1997) studied two types of behavioral interventions—the use of pleasant events for patients living in the community and teaching problem solving for their caregivers—compared to a control wait-list condition in depressed patients with AD. Both approaches were associated with significant improvement in depressive symptoms in both patients and caregivers, and the improvement was maintained for six months. These results suggest that treatment of the caregiver may be an important factor in the treatment of the patient or providing some type of supportive intervention with the patient-caregiver dyad.

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