Oxytocin Pitocin

Actions: produces rhythmic uterine smooth muscle contractions by increasing sodium permeability; cause vasodilation of smooth muscle (renal, coronary, and cerebral); stimulates breast milk flow during nursing.

Indications: postpartum hemorrhage, uterine atony, augment labor.

Dose (induction of labor): adult: 0.001-0.002 units/minute IV, increase by 0.001-0.002 units every 15-30 minutes until contraction pattern has been established; max dose of 20 milliunits/min. Dose (postpartum bleeding): adult: 10-40 units IV (mix 10-40 units in 1000 mL IVF) at a rate to control uterine atony; 10 units IM. Clearance: tissue metabolism, renal elimination. Adverse effects: may cause uterine tetany and rupture, fetal distress, anaphylaxis; IV bolus can cause hypotension, tachycardia, dysrhythmia.

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